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Catalog of Entries on the Apostles

For a recent assignment in one of my Bible classes I invited my students to review some of my writings regarding the Apostles before realizing the web-site lacked a search engine.  So I added this site to help them find the Apostles relevant to their research.  Of course, Judas Iscariot has no feast day.  Then I realized that I somehow managed to forget to write an entry on St. James the brother of St. John.  So here are articles on ten of the Apostles…  Should anyone be concerned, I invited the students; I am not insisting they read my blog.  Their grades do not depend upon favorable comments listed below!


St. Peter has two main feasts that concern him.  The first is The Confession of St. Peter (celebrated on January 17th) and the second is The Feast of Saints Peter and Paul (celebrated on June 29th).

St. James (the Brother of John)–Whoops.  Somehow I missed St. James.

St. John celebrated on December 27th

St. Andrew celebrated on November 30th

St. Phillip celebrated on May 1st

St. Bartholomew celebrated on August 24th

St. Matthew celebrated on September 21st

St. Thomas celebrated on December 21st

St. James the Less celebrated on May 1st

St. Jude (aka Thaddeus) celebrated on October 28th

St. Simon celebrated on October 28th

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