A New Day

Time has a funny way on sneaking on past you when you are not looking.  Just yesterday I said I needed to take a break from writing The Hilltop Shepherd’s Watch in order to focus on some other elements of my life for a while.  That was five years ago.  Nothing ever really slowed down.  I never found time to go back to writing.  I have time now.  I’m going to make getting ideas out of my head  and “in print” a priority for a season.  We will see how it goes.  I haven’t looked to see if I still have any subscribers from half a decade ago.  If I do, hopefully, they’ll be glad to see me again.  If not, I’ll be picking up some more very soon.


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2 responses to “A New Day

  1. Roger

    I actually made an adjustment to this membership the other day for a different blog and saw this one. I wondered if you were going to post anything on it anymore. Good to see you thinking about it again! 🙂

  2. Diane Looker

    So glad you are getting back to something you have always enjoyed, writing. Can’t wait to enjoy lessons and historical facts provided by you. Looking forward to reading Hilltop Shepard again.
    I hope this is not too lame coming from your mother!

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