About Fr. Looker

The Reverend Father Scott Looker is “The Hilltop Shepherd.”  

Fr. Looker is a priest-in-residence at Church of the Messiah in Jacksonville, Florida.  Church of the Messiah is a parish in the Charismatic Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Florida.

Fr. Looker is classically trained and educated priest, having taken his undergraduate degree from Loyola University of New Orleans before attending seminary at Nashotah House Theological Seminary.

In addition to his parochial duties, Fr. Looker teaches all of the high school English classes at Seacoast Christian Academy.

Fr. Looker has been married to his beautiful wife since 2004 and has four wonderful children.  He enjoys rowing, has coached with the Jacksonville Rowing Club and is a devotee of the Inklings, C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien in particular.

Why choose “The Hilltop Shepherd’s Watch” as a name for this blog and “The Hilltop Shepherd” as an alias?  The name “Looker” is an Old English word for the shepherds who kept their watches on the hilltops to maintain their flocks.  As a priest and pastor, it seems quite appropriate. 

Enjoy your visit!  Please, don’t be a lurker. Leave comments if you find something you like.

14 responses to “About Fr. Looker

  1. Fr. Bill

    Fr. Scott, glad to see your new site. I will keep and eye on it.

  2. brian

    nice site, lots of pertinent info. i’ll be subscribing via rss feeds

  3. Jerry Johnson

    Father Looker,
    I am classmate and good friend of your father and sent me your blog page. I enjoyed reading it this morning and I know have it in my favorite places.
    Blessings to you and your family!

    Jerry Johnson

    • sjl

      I’m glad you enjoyed it, Jerry. I’ve heard my dad talk about you often. It’s wonderful to hear from you. I hope you continue to enjoy my posts.

      Be blessed,

  4. Don Looker

    First, congratulations, I’m proud of you. Second, a question for the priest to be, What’s a snow fence?

  5. Elena

    Thank you so much for your teaching on the curse of the fig tree! I found it very helpful.


  6. Fr. Larry Kirchner

    Scott … hello from Colorado Springs, CO and St. Luke’s Anglican Church … wow four kids … I hear that Fr. Dean may end up in Louisiana.

  7. Matthew Taylor

    Enjoyed the story on the . . Cleared up things for me . Thank you for all that you do and Pax. Matthew

  8. Fr. Looker, I found a great image on your blog of the “Domini Cani” hound of God. ( /2011/08/hound-with-flaming-torch.gif). I work for St. Gabriel Catholic Radio in Columbus Ohio and would like to use this Dominican image in a logo for a radio program, “Dominican Discussions.” You can hear the program online at http://www.StGabrielRadio.com in the Archive page.

    Do you know if there are any copyright restrictions on the use of this image of the black hound leaping forward with a red torch in its mouth?

    Thank you kindly and God bless, Leslie Malek

    • I’m sorry, Leslie, first for the far too long delay, and, second, for the poor answer. I’m afraid I simply googled the image and pulled it off google. I wish you God’s blessings in all that you do and especially in your radio show.

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